Scrumpy’s Hard Cider Bar – Fort Collins, Co.


Scrumpy’s is a unique establishment – The first “cider bar” I have been to in the USA! I was excited to see so many hard ciders on tap (i counted 18) and in bottles, and a small scale hard cider production facility in the back (they operate Summit Hard Cider Company). The space is a nice exposed brick with leather bar stools, some tables and lots of taps – the bartender was friendly and answered lots of questions, and we got to meet Jennifer, the owner.

Scrumpy’s offered a few cider flights and a mead flight, a great way to try a lot of different ciders and see what you like – this is what was in the flights when we were there:

  • Flight A ($10): Summit Hard Cider Peach Cobbler, Rocky Mountain Wild Cider Spiced Apple Pie, Rocky Mountain Wild Cider Berry, Rocky Mountain Wild Cider Pineapple, ACE Berry Cider, Colorado Cider Company Grass Hoppah, Colorado Cider Company Pome Mel, Colorado Cider Company Glider Dry.
  • Flight B ($9): Fox Barrel Blackberry Perry, Fox Barrel Perry, Summit Hard Cider Peach Cobbler, Woodchuck Raspberry, Woodchuck Amber, Woodchuck Pumpkin, Woodchuck Winder, Angry Orchard Crisp, Crispin Original.
  • Flight C ($5): Magner’s Irish Cider, Woodchuck Amber, Angry Orchard Crisp, Crispin Original

Mead flights were also available with over 15 Meads to choose from, including selections from Redstone Meads and Hunters Moon Meads.

I also had a pint of Wyder’s Reposado Perry that was very nice .. from the tap, a refreshing carbonated very light yellow perry with sweet pear and cream soda aromas. Light boozy tequila and subtle barrel flavor.

If you are a fan of hard cider or mead and are in the Fort Collins area, this is a definitely worthwhile stop. Maybe one day every state will have a bar like this!

215 North College Avenue
Fort Collins, Colorado 80524