Scrappy Apple from Talbott’s Cider Co.


It’s always great when a cider starts with a funny story, this one is taken from the Palisade, Colorado based Talbott’s Cider Co. website:

“Ever grabbed a stick to chase a bear out of your orchard at harvest time?  This tart cider with a light dry finish stems from our personal experience and is made from the apples that survived?  It’s Scrappy!”

The nice looking Scrappy Apple 16oz can opens with a pleasing Pssst, spot-on carbonation. The cider pours a lovely brilliant pale golden straw with some seriously lively large bubbles that linger. Initial aroma is as expected, pleasant light fruity dessert apples, some caramel leaning toward simple sugars, other fruits like apricot, peach, light royal ann cherries, some green apple candy sweet aroma remains. The first sip has a pleasant up front tartness with a light and dry mouthfeel. That tartness hangs around a bit, which is nice as well.

This cider would fall into the dry side of a semi-sweet traditional style, very easy drinking and enjoyable without too much sugar or alcohol. Talbott’s Scrappy apple would be perfect refreshment on a hot day or with hot foods, like some my favorite Mexican vegan chilaquiles, nachos covered with jalapenos. or even a nice spicy Vietnamese phở chay. Perfect cider to pack for a hike in the mountains or fighting off bears.