Refractometer helps track fermentation


If you are fermenting cider at home, a refractometer is an easy way to measure your initial gravity and track your fermentation progress without having to take a larger sample and waste your precious cider!

High end refractometers can cost hundreds of dollars, but recently a lot of affordable models have been showing up on internet sale sites for under $50 and their popularity has grown and i have seen no glaring negative reviews of these low cost units.

Different models offer different things, the one I use displays the brix of the juice, which will let me know the potential alcohol content. If yours shows in plato, brix, or specific gravity you can use a conversion website like this converter at brewers friend.

A refractometer uses a drop of juice placed on athe daylight plate, you hold the device up to the light and put the eyepiece to your eye and you will see the gravity, plato or bix scale showing you the sugar level of your juice or fermented cider.


As your toolbox grows and your cidermaking workflow becomes easier your ciders too will evolve! Adding a refractometer is a great idea!