New From Ploughman Farm Cider – Muhibbah

Dry Cider with Malaysian Spices
8.5% Alc./Vol.
So this one came together in a really fun way. I was just blown away by the flavors and ingredients used at Sate Kampar. I loved the way my friend, cheesemaker Jamie Png used cheese, a very “Western Culture” element together with these flavors and aromas in a complimentary and harmonious way. I just had to see what a cider with these ingredients might taste like. I’m lucky that Dr. Winzeler, our cider maker, also has this inquisitive nature about him. A few months later, he had me try some things. Ange provided some more ingredients… I let her try a couple of things. We came to Philly for a ingredient shopping trip… and voila! Muhibbah was born! I’m proud of how it came together – one one flavor dominates another. Lots of dry white wine character from the apples. Offsetting this is a citrus aroma and pleasant creaminess from Makrut Lime leaves. Subtle additions of star anise, coriander, and cumin add gentle notes to this complex bouquet. A little tang and sour notes from some tamarind and a Malaysian fruit called gelugur. It’s been a lot of fun seeing this project grow and mature – we’re so thankful to have Jamie and Ange’s help along the way. There aren’t a lot of ciders out there like this but I think you’ll be glad you found this one.cider with strong bright citrus, stone fruits, a few grassy notes, and a long finish.

From Ploughman Farm Cider