Great Lakes Cider and Perry Association

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Why Join?

We make cider and perry because we dare to be different. We respect craftsmanship, tradition and history. Cidermakers have a reputation of being fiercely independent and are notorious non-joiners. When we do join it is because it is clear that we get something of value for our commitment of time and money.

Why Commercial and Noncommercial Members Together in One Association?

If you’re a home cidermaker this is an opportunity to meet and learn from experienced cidermakers who have done their homework and really understand the craft and the history. Some of our noncommercial members have demonstrated their talent year after year by placing highly in various competitions.

If you’re a commercial cidermaker you probably already understand the example of microbreweries and wineries. Yesterday’s home brewers are the backbone of today’s vibrant array of microbreweries. Likewise, today’s home cidermakers can be expected to be a part of the renaissance of cider and perry. If you put enough wineries in close proximity you can have a wine trail to draw far more attention and interest than any single business can draw. So it is with cider and perry. When we help others follow our examples it establishes a cider and perry tradition that exceeds the sum of its parts and helps bring these remarkable beverages closer to enjoying the prominence they deserve.
The Benefits

Our members have the opportunity to network, learn from each other, and jointly participate in events that draw favorable public interest. We provide educational opportunities for the general public to create favorable awareness. We help each other to improve our understanding of the craft.

In accordance with our not-for-profit status we do minimal lobbying. However when a need arises we can provide a ready infrastructure of communication that can facilitate effective working groups capable of reaching consensus. When questions arise and regulators or the media look for input from the industry our region’s cider and perry producers can speak clearly with a unified voice. Your membership assures you a part in establishing the consensus that makes this possible.

There are other perks too. Commercial members enjoy discounted entry fees to the Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition. Members are the first to be invited to participate in festivals. Members share a spirit of adventure and enjoy a sense of camaraderie.