Drinking Cider 2016 Holiday Gift Guide (for cider drinkers)

Yes! That time of year is upon us when we are urged to buy gifts for others (or ourselves). If you or someone you love is into cider you should help them further that appreciation! Here are some suggestions for the upcoming gift season!

Cider lovers are just like everyone else, they have stuff and they need to carry it. What better way to show your cider appreciation than a bag telling everyone about your apple crush?

One great option is this practical and utilitarian “Ugly Apples Taste Better” tote bag from Brooklyn Cider House that you can buy direct from them at events or at the tasting room in Brooklyn!


Another great way to carry your apples is this nice Shacksbury black and white over the shoulder tote bag from Vermont.


A favorite here for traveling with cider and keeping it cool while we are on the road is the well respected YETI Hopper “Yeti’s ice-for-days portable cooler.” .. keeping your cider cool is a must on hot summer days.


or an even more serious for jet-set cider on the go, the Vin Garde Valise Wine Travel Case is a piece of hard sided luggage with custom bottle inserts that will securely carry 12 large bottles for your cider adventures (and can be reconfigured to carry some clothes, just in case).


One great option is to use your existing luggage, an this is an item I always carry a few of when I travel – the Wine Diaper – a diaper material lined zip lock bag that is lightweight and packs flat, a great thing to have in case you come across some cider you need to fly home with.


Those cider bottles won’t open themselves! What better to help with freeing the cider from the bottle than a bottle opener that is a hand crafted wooden apple! from nova68 this visually pleasing bottle open is sure to help cider move from bottle to glass.


Drinking some proper ciders deserve a correct cider drinking vessel, definitely look into this one – The Original Cider Tasting Mug from 33 Books Co.  features a wide mouth so you canput your nose near the cider, a tapered neck to concentrate aromas and its ceramic construction will keep your cider longer, plus it looks SWEET.


Taking notes while drinking is always a good idea, this pocket sized tasting journal “33 mugs of cider” from 33 Books Co. will help you keep track of your favorite ciders and all the things you loved about them and is a perfect companion to their cider mug!

33_mugs_cider_cover_1024x1024 If drinking from a ceramic mug isn’t their thing, Libbey has you covered with this selection of Cider glasses that are perfect for any cider drinker that wants to experience their alcoholic apples in perfect glassware that helps enhance aromas while offering crystal clear views of their cider.

cider glasses

It may seem crazy, but why not show the world you love cider by wearing it on your feet?? Cider Socks are just the thing for a sock wearing cider drinker! You Fancy!


Another fun thing to go with those socks, I Am A Cider Drinker t-shirt from Goblinko in Portland, Oregon is a perfect addition to a cider drinkers wardrobe. “I AM A CIDER DRINKER! I DRINKS IT ALL OF THE DAY! I AM A CIDER DRINKER! IT SOOTHES ALL ME TROUBLES AWAY!”


If you are looking for a gift for a modern art loving apple lover, a great gift would be this iconic design poster “Uno La Mela” from 1963 by Enzo Mari, Italian modernist artist and designer. (word on the street is that Sarah Jessica Parker has one of these in her kitchen)


Fans of classic American photography and cider may appreciate this print from Ansel Adams that is available over at 20×200, Half Dome, Apple Orchard, Yosemite.


A gift that delivers cider knowledge and enjoyment year round, a CIDERCRAFT Magazine subscription is only $20 for 2 years for a print and online magazine, publishing three times a year, that profiles the artisans behind the craft, while exploring the regions and orchards, meets the movers and shakers of the industry, lists original cocktail recipes from nationally renowned bar-chefs, recommends pairings with cider-friendly cuisine and aids as a connection between the consumer and cider producers.


The gift of a cider club membership would surely be appreciated by any cider fan, and a gift that keeps on giving with shipments throughout the year. A few cidermakers offer clubs and ship to most states, here are some worth checking out (make sure they deliver to your state before signing up!):

Eden Specialty Ciders
Finger Lakes Cider House
Blue Bee Cider
Virginia Cider of the Month Club
The Cellar d’Or Cider Club
Distillery Lane Ciderworks
Left Foot Charley

One subscription service that will expose cider drinkers to new producers has recently launched and is worth adding to every cider drinkers holiday list .. CIDRBOX promises to deliver fine ciders every month.


Hope you find some great ciders and gifts for the cider drinkers in your life!