Colorado Cider Co. releases Pato Feo, Brett Cider on Cherries

The Denver, Colorado based Colorado Cider Company is excited to be releasing their first brettanomyces fermented cider; Pato Feo.  They have been playing around with spontaneous fermentation, lactobacillus, and barrel-aging since opening in 2011.  These experimental batches have been exclusive to our tasting room and festivals in the past and haven’t been released to the general market until now.

Pato Feo, a cider fermented with a brettanomyces yeast strain and barrel-aged on cherries for over a year, will be released later this month in limited quantities across Colorado.  With notes of tart cherries, earth, oak, a rounding acidity and balancing dose of brett, this cider is designed to push the boundaries of the cider market in Colorado.

“There’s a long European tradition of wild fermentation in cider and this is something you will see more of in the United States,’ says Brad Page, Co-founder of Colorado Cider Company.

Pato Feo, will be released in 750ml bottles and limited draft this April.  Look for more specialty ciders throughout 2017 from Colorado Cider Company, including Block One, an orchard based cider made with a blend of ten different varieties of cider apples harvested from our orchard in Hotchkiss, Colorado.