Cider Yeast from the Vault


Making cider at home? If you are looking for some new yeast options you should check out White Labs Yeast Vault and ‘release the yeast’ ..  The way it works is once there are 250 pre-orders for a yeast they will produce it and release it! Some interesting cider options are in the vault ..

WLP616 Funky Cider Blend
This blend of yeasts and bacteria for cider is a blend of two Saccharomyces strains combined with some Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus. This blend results in a slight tartness and a mild funk aroma that will result in less than 2 weeks. Light pellicle will form because of the Brettanomyces.

WLP773 Scottish Cider Blend
This cider blend is an exciting blend of two of our favorite ale strains and one wine strain. Unlike a lot of ale strains that typically dry out most ciders, this unique blend of Saccharomyces strains still leave some residual sweetness for the perfect mouthfeel. This strain is perfect is looking for a still cider with some lingering apple characteristic or a dryer sparkling cider.  In 12 Plato apple juice: 80% attenuation

WLP603 Torolaspora delbrueckii
Wild yeast isolated from fruit trees in Norway. This is one of the three strains that make up the WLP611 New Nordic Yeast blend. This wild yeast has been traditionally used for ciders and wine but also ferments well for beer. Produces a lot of esters and contributes some phenolics as well. Traditionally a longer fermentation and slower attenuator. In a 21 Plato wort, in 5 days the attenuation was 25%. Medium acid producer.

It’s great to see some new funky cider options out there – hopefully some people get to try these and make some interesting ciders! Keep posted for my upcoming cider yeast comparison post for #diy cidermakers!