CIder Travel: Drinking Cider in Grand Rapids, MI


Experiencing quality cider on a vacation is a great way to taste local agriculture and meet interesting people. When setting off for any locale, I usually begin my cider-trip planning with Eric West’s Cider Guide blog, which features current maps of cider locations around the world.

Recently, I was headed to Michigan, the third-largest grower of apples in the United States—evident on the Cider Guide map’s nearly 50 cider destinations. Quite a few spots for cider find their home in the greater Grand Rapids area, my destination for cider judging duty during the 11th Annual Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (known as GLINTCAP). Luckily, this year GLINTCAP coincided with the Michigan Cider Association’s yearly cider celebration, Grand Rapids Cider Week, so there were even more great Michigan cider experiences to be had. Click through to Cider Culture to read about  some of my favorites from my time in Grand Rapids over the last few years

Cider Travels: Drinking Cider in Grand Rapids, Michigan