Cider Review: William – Premium Hard Cider


Have you ever been in a store, doing your ciderhunting thing and you stumble up a new-to-you cider and your excitement just makes you put it into your trolley without much consideration? Well, I did that with William, and later had a moment of sad realization when I looked at the Sell By Date on the bottom of the can and it was near 4 years expired!

It took some deciphering, but on the back of the can it says “Many years ago, when Canadian orchards first flourished, a producer’s reputation, depended as much on his yield, as on his cider’s unique recipe. A man named William held the key. In balancing the perfect measures of acidity, bitterness and pride, his ancestors had created an exceptional recipe. Folks travelled far and wide, to savour William’s heirloom cider. Or so the legend goes. In preserving William’s memory, we offer you this premium organic cider. Produced right here in Canada, we have respectfully adopted some of the purest traditional fermentation and aging methods of our time. William’s copper colour, crystal clear brilliance and fresh taste are characteristic of thes and would make William proud.”

For starters here, the can holds 16 ounces and is 5.2% abv. A boxed out tree silhouette icon rests atop a subtle tree silhouette background of that same tree with the WILLIAM name set in that old timey looking copperplate gothic, knocked out and outlined with a hint of golden yellow. The word PREMIUM is underlined and overlined (is that a thing? I just made it up and it sounds ok). So clearly, there’s something with trees in here and it is definitely premium. The white text set on the black background on the back of the can is one big unlegible blur. Ingredients are the basic ones you see: Hard Apple Cider, Carbon Dioxide, Caramel Color, sulfites and sorbates. Sounds great.

Upon opening it seems the carbonation is still going pretty strong after a few years in the can, William pours a clear brilliant golden yellow. After the pour the carbonation disappears, no bubbles visible after a few seconds. Aroma is pretty expected, cooked apples, apple sauce, caramel apples, burnt sugar, cooked apricots, some musty wood. I would call this somewhere in the sweet to semi-sweet range, the sweetness and acidity are reasonably balanced, medium bodied, not a lot of lingering flavors and no real perceivable cabronation when drinking.

It looks like their website hasn’t been updated since 2012, so I am not confident you will find this in stores in the USA, I was “lucky” to have found this dusty can in a small Rhode Island liquor store.

William is from Cidrerie William in Terrebonne, Canada.