Cider Review: Stem Ciders – Malice


Stem Ciders is a craft cider producer located in the heart of the RiNo district in Denver, Colorado with a focus on dry hard ciders. “We strive to honor the apple’s purity and clarity by using traditional cidermaking techniques; the fruit has lots to say if you listen to it carefully. Our barrel program uses traditional methods to complement the flavors and aromas of the fruit with interesting oak characteristics.” 

I have visited Stem in the past and was very impressed with their lineup of ciders and barrel filled tasting room, if you are passing through Denver it is definitely worth stopping in for a flight of unique ciders at Stem.

Malice is an easy drinking “sessionable” 6.8% abv dry cider sold in beautiful 12 ounce cans. Stem says “Malice is a temptation you shouldn’t resist. This crisp and fruit-forward cider is crafted from Colorado apples, fermented dry, and aged in stainless steel. Just one sip and you’ll never be the same again – that’s one bad apple.”

Popping open this can, first impression is the nice release of  carbonation and the clean apple aromas, fresh pears, slightly earthy and woody, with a dry minerality.

Malice pours a clean brilliant pale gold, initially looking like an effervescent white wine, the iniital healthy visible carbonation soon becomes less apparent with infrequent large bubbles making their way up the glass, as it warms this becomes smaller less frequent bubbles.

Definitely maxed out toward the dry end of the cider scale, with medium body and some pleasant acidity. Finishes with subtle apple sweetness balanced with tartness and a mild persisting astringency. Dry but still sessionable.

Malice is a delicious and enjoyable cider that would be a good match for most anything! Definitely a good one to have in the fridge for hot summer days or in the cooler for long hikes or days out on your boat. This one is straight forward apples without adding unecessary aging complexity or fruity additions. Malice is all about apples fermented to dryness. You need more Malice in your life!

Stem Ciders
2811 Walnut Street, Suite 150
Denver, CO 80205