Cider Review: Starcut Phuzz


Starcut Ciders, the cider making efforts over at Michigan based Short’s Brewing has created an interestingly named seasonal rotator super peachy semi-sweet cider called Phuzz, and I had a chance to pop open a few bottles and give it a whirl.

Opening the 12oz bottle presents you with a  pleasing fizz, pouring into the glass it is lively with nice tight carbonation, microscopic bubbles. The color is a pleasing brilliant orange-amber that is near transparent. The carbonation subsides a bit in the glass, but it is still present long after the initial pour.

Aromas of peaches dominate; peaches ranging from the sweet lusciouness of fresh picked fuzzy peach skin to cooked sweet peaches in syrup, hints of apricot, raw sugar, floral sweet esters. Phuzz is a peach bomb but still not to the point of overwhelming the senses with its velvety suppleness. The lovely peachiness is followed by hints of fresh juicey green apple aromas, trying to get out in front of the peach phuzz.

Starcut says that Phuzz is a semi-sweet cider and I would agree, it is not too sweet really, which balances with its subtle  tartness. Phuzz finishes a little toward tart and acidic and the peach flavor and sweetness pleasantly linger with some mild tannin astringency. If you like peaches, this is definitely one to look for. Bottles and kegs will be available seasonally in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Colorado.