Cider Review: Original Sin – Extra Dry (16 oz. can)

IMG_0064Original Sin is probably best known for ciders that are on the sweeter side, and with fruity additions like pear, cherry, elderberry or apricot. They also produce some high quality large format bottled ciders including single varietal Newtown Pippin and Northern Spy ciders. Not a lot of people realize that Original Sin has been around a long time, starting up in New York City in 1996, now growing to distribution in 32 states and the UK, Hong Kong and Japan all while remaining 100% independent! When I heard about this new release I was immediately interested in this 16 ounce canned offering from Original Sin, their 100% New York Extra Dry cider that comes in a four pack for about $10.

What is Extra Dry? It’s a term used to describe a cider with less residual sugar than ciders that are called sweet. The less residual sugar a cider has the dryer it will be perceived. Residual sugar is what is left over after the yeast has done its work fermenting the sweet apple juice into alcohol. Dry ciders have very little residual sugar, typically less than .5%, with a thin body, and light on tannins with some acidity similar to what would be found in high end big bottled ciders like the quintessential Farnum Hill Extra Dry from New Hampshire.

With the rise of cider, canned ciders are gaining in popularity for good reason; they are easy to store, lightweight and easy to transport, and easily recycled. Cans are ideal vessels for cider – they inspire you to get outside with your cider. 16 ounce cans easily fit into the bottle holder on your bike. The Original Sin Extra Dry can is nice looking and should be easy to find on a shelf with its bold white can adorned with the iconic Original Sin snake graphic beneath the red and black brand mark. Extra Dry is made with New York apples including Ida Red, McIntosh, Jonagold and several russeted apples that all contribute unique aspects to the final product.

Popping open the can and pouring into a proper glass opens up a range of aromas; sweet and bittersweet green dessert apples, white floral blossom sweetness, dry mineral notes, hints of fresh tropical citrus. Visually it is captivating, pours a nice brilliant golden straw with healthy carbonation that doesn’t quickly fade. The dryness is not off-putting but is mildly astringent, well balanced with subtle tannins and acidity. Mouthfeel is light and refreshing. This Extra Dry is really a sessionable canned cider with an abv of 5.5%.

Extra dry is assertive yet manages to remain delicate and I feel it would pair well with the flavors of fruity desserts, rich dark chocolate, contrast well with spicy Indian curries, or compliment a pizza with fresh acidic tomatoes.

Original Sin Extra Dry Cider will initially be available starting January 10 in select states including Washington DC, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Florida, and North Carolina. Definitely look for this one!