Cider: America’s drink returns

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It is said that John Adams began each morning by drinking a tankard of cider. He felt it contributed to good health and cured his flatulence. You may have to test the latter claim for yourself — preferably in a well-ventilated room — but for those yet to be inducted into the legions of newly crowned American cider fans, much good awaits your stein.

Although still a niche market, the rise of cider sales in the United States over the past two years has been staggering. According to Impact Databank, a service that tracks industry statistics for the wine, beer and spirits market, the top 10 best selling cider brands in the U.S. market in 2012 collectively saw 62-percent growth. Imagine sitting on a board of directors of any company and receiving those numbers at the end of the year (insert sound of popping corks here). But this is merely a repeat of American history — a history that is now being rediscovered.