Bembel-With-Care Takes First Place

The German import cider won big at the 21st Great International Beer, Cider, Mead & Sake Competition, just in time to enter new markets in DC, FL, MD, OH, and VA

Germany’s most popular cider, Bembel-With-Care®, has earned first place at the 21st Great International Beer, Cider, Mead & Sake Competition for their Apfelwein Kirsch (cherry) flavor. Already drawing rave reviews in New York, Boston and Philadelphia, the cider will begin distribution to new markets including greater Washington DC, Florida and Ohio.

In addition to their award-winning Apfelwein Kirsch, Bembel-With-Care® produces two other palate-pleasing flavors: Apfelwein Pur, a classic all-natural dry apple cider and Apfelwein Cola, a sweet caffeinated cider infused with cola. All three ciders are naturally gluten-free and vegan.

“This most recent award only underscores the excellence of this delicious cider, and makes us more proud than ever to bring it to American drinkers,” says Dahlhaus, who successfully launched the ReinheitsBoten, a group of five trend-setting German craft breweries, last December.

Bembel-With-Care® has produced cider in Germany since 2007, when they saw the time-honored beverage was starting to gain traction with wine and beer drinkers alike; to accelerate cider’s long-term renaissance, founder and owner Benedikt Kuhn began adding carbonation to their apfelwein, eschewing the German traditional of producing flat, often dull ciders. His Bembel-With-Care® quickly bridged the gap between redefining a classic beverage and preserving its cultural heritage while making sparkling hard cider increasingly accessible and delicious. In Germany, the word “Bembel” refers to the jug in which apfelwein is traditionally served, and “Handle with Care” symbols are commonly found on export packaging; the clever combination proved to be a winning one, with Bembel-With-Care® earning ever-growing market share in some of America’s most competitive drinking regions. Their ciders are made with 100% real apples, not-from-concentrate juice and with no sweeteners or artificial flavors, relying and adhering to traditional recipes and Old World methods.

Like the product itself, the packaging offers a clever balance of tradition and innovation: their smartly-branded aluminum cans are 100% recyclable and completely impenetrable by light or oxygen, keeping their ciders remarkably fresh and allowing them to last considerably longer than other packaging methods. (Bembel-With-Care® still insists that the contents inside be consumed immediately to ensure optimum freshness, and includes a “Best Before” date on the bottom of each can). In addition, the 16-oz. cans are instant conversation starters, helping to bring traditional apfelwein to a new audience and revive German ciders from the brink of extinction.