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Hello, I am the owner of this cider blog – Ronald Sansone, a long-time cider fan, home brewer and home cider maker. I am a graduate of the Cider & Perry Academy (at Cornell) and also Oregon State University Cidery Startup Workshop, a  member of USACM, a Glintcap cider judge, Big-E Cider Judge, PA Farm Show Cider Judge, CiderDays Cider Judge, etc., I also contribute my take on cider journalism to The Ale Street News (a great beer newspaper with the largest readership in the the USA!) and online cider media hub Cider Culture.  The main focus of this blog is to discuss cider, cider making, cider tourism, cider events and anything cider related –  learning more about the process from orchard to bottle – sharing and enjoying some interesting ciders along the way. Cheers!

Learn more about The History of Hard Cider,  Tasting Cider, or Making Cider.

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